Is US–China Decoupling Heading in a Dangerous Direction?

East Asia Forum

The U.S.-China economic ties are decoupling in the aspect of technology, with trade-war tariffs and escalating investment restrictions imposed from both sides.


Interview: US, Taiwan Trade Talks and Global Semiconductor Shortage

Voice of America

Matt Murray, the U.S. State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for trade policy and negotiations talks about trade relations with Taiwan and the global semiconductor shortage. Additional meetings are focused on the resilience of global supply chains.


Taiwan’s China Dependency Is a Double-Edged Sword

East Asia Forum

As a major hub in global supply chains, Taiwan’s trade relationship with China depends on U.S. policy towards China and supply chain reform.


US ‘Looks Forward’ to Trade Talks With Taiwan Amid China’s Objection

Voice of America

After a five-year pause, the U.S. and Taiwan will resume trade talks on Wednesday.


50 US Senators Push for Taiwan Trade Deal

Voice of America

As tensions have risen between Washington and Beijing over Covid-19, trade, human rights issues, and Chinese espionage, many lawmakers are looking to strengthen ties with Taiwan.

捍衛台灣豬 國民黨啟動公投連署(3)

Taiwan's Opposition Party Says No to American Pork

TNL Staff

Food safety concerns have triggered domestic political debate in Taiwan over allowing the import of U.S. pork containing ractopamine, a leanness-enhancing additive.


China Killed Taiwan-Australia Free Trade Deal at Birth, Former Govt Official Reveals

Paul Huang

Evidence has emerged of China interfering in the foreign policy of Australia's government.


AmCham Taipei Survey Calls for Labor Flexibility, Improved Policy Coordination

David Green

AmCham members positive over future but urge more action on labor flexibility and policy coordination.


US Chances of Rejoining the TPP Fade

Mike Callaghan

The remaining 11 members of the Trans Pacific Partnership are renegotiating a deal that leaves the US out in the cold.


Stranger Kings: Ancient Traditions of Chinese Power in Northeastern Myanmar

Alice Dawkins

'As the Chinese state extends its reach beyond its traditional power bases in the Sino-Myanmar hills and lowland urban centers to developing a major port off the Rakhine coast, it pays to be aware of the longstanding motif of strategic Chinese infiltration,' Dawkins writes.

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