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Thai Politics Moves Forward Without Move Forward

East Asia Forum

The failure of Pita Limjaroenrat to be appointed as Thailand’s prime minister, despite the success of his party Move Forward in the May 2023 general elections, highlights a generational divide in the country's politics.


How AI Could Take Over Elections – And Undermine Democracy

The Conversation

As AI technology continues to advance, concerns over its potential manipulation of political behavior are raised. This article explores the possibility of a political campaign machine called Clogger that uses AI to manipulate individuals’ behavior and change their voting decisions.


Singapore’s 2020 Risk Management Strategy

East Asia Forum

Singapore has kept the pandemic under control and its economy has survived in much better shape than expected. The success is based on the Singaporean government’s aversion to risks.


Myanmar’s Elections Are Not a Level Playing Field

East Asia Forum

The second multiparty election in Myanmar, slated for November 8, may simply be a proof that democracy is going backwards in the Southeast Asian nation.


OPINION: In Kaohsiung, There Are Limits to the Multilingual Love

Eryk Smith

The axes are out for a politician advocating for languages other than English and Chinese to be kept out of the classroom.


OPINION: 'Critical Optimism' Lights Malaysia's Way Forward

Netusha Naidu

A personal narrative of how GE14 flew in the face of expectations of a global democratic decline.


Will Election Upheaval Influence Malaysia's Illiberal Neighbors?

New Mandala

Mahathir is back at the helm, but it remains an open question whether or not he represents real change.


OPINION: Rampant Inequality Muddles Elections in Malaysia

New Mandala

Malaysia's ethnic, economic and cultural divides are holding back any common vision for the future as the country struggles to bridge gaping inequality.


What Edward Yiu's Reprieve Tells Us about Decision-making in Hong Kong

Suzanne Pepper

Hong Kong's civil servants are taking it upon themselves to act as thought police on Beijing's behalf.

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