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ISIS Crowdsourcing ‘Lone Wolves’ Heightens Risks for Southeast Asia

Edward White

With the advent of ISIS crowdsourcing, countering the organization’s expansion beyond the Middle East will be an arduous task.


Terrorism No Longer a Man’s World in Indonesia

Chaula Rininta Anindya

'Women’s roles in terrorist networks in Indonesia have until now been dictated by their kinship ties through marriage, involving facilitating logistics and finance for terrorist acts. But there is a growing trend of women taking on combat roles.'


Is North Korea’s Nuclear Tech for Sale?

As North Korea's cash flows dry up, selling nuclear technology to the highest bidder - be it Syria, Lybia or even ISIS - may become a tantalizing option for the Kim regime.


'Tackling ISIS More Difficult than Tackling Communists'


Efforts in Europe and Asia have yet to determine the root cause of terrorism, according to a top Malaysian politician.


New Agency to Respond to Terrorism in Malaysia


A new multi-agency special force has been set up to respond to terrorist threats.


Philippine Islamist Militants Behead Hostage


ISIS-linked Islamist militants have beheaded another hostage in the southern Philippines.


Dhaka Terrorist Attack a Reminder on 'Soft Targets'

The Japan Times

The killings come as yet another reminder of the vulnerability of soft targets with lax security, as the Islamic State spreads terror across national borders.


Malaysian Police Confirms IS Involvement in Bomb Attack

Hsu Chia-yu

Authorities are concerned about terrorism becoming a growing threat in Malaysia.


Who Is More Dangerous, Pahang Mufti or ISIS?


A mufti in Malaysia has been labelled a bigger threat to the country than ISIS.

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