Marginalized Female Migrant Workers Prone to Radicalization

'Radicalization through religion need not be the more attractive path out of socio-economic disenchantment for marginalized women,' writes Tamara Nair and Alan Chong.


Female Roles in Religious Radicalism

Hera Diani

Where women once held only supporting roles, they are now beginning to take up more dominant roles in radical groups. Why?


The Fall and Rise of Jihadism in Southeast Asia

Zachary Abuza

The loss of the IS caliphate has led to a shift in attention back to the domestic enemy in Southeast Asia.


A Bloody Drug War and an ISIS-Linked City Siege Mark Duterte’s First Year in Office


One year into his presidency — despite the on-paper merit of his 10-point economic plan — Duterte has delivered almost nothing to improve the lot of impoverished Filipinos.


China is Getting More Interested in the Middle East

Gedaliah Afterman

The visits combined with other diplomatic activities reflect the fact that China’s engagement with the Middle East has been growing steadily in recent years.


Syria Aims to Win Chinese Support with Exaggerated Numbers of Uighur ISIS Fighters

ZiQing Low

Previous reports suggest about 100 Uighurs are involved in ISIS, but it is hard to verify these numbers due to strict information control in the Xinjiang.


Taiwan Deports Indonesian Worker for Possible ISIS Ties

ZiQing Low

The migrant worker was reportedly radicalized after she began using Facebook in Taiwan.

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