South Korea K-pop Stars ‘Newjeans’ Court Controversy With Racy Lyrics

Deutsche Welle

The new all-girl pop group is being criticized for sexually suggestive lyrics. The group’s management agency insists some of the lyrics are being deliberately misinterpreted.


Rethinking K-pop Industry’s Silence During the Black Lives Matter Movement

The Conversation

The K-pop industry has generally tried to stay apolitical, but its expanding American fan base has encouraged some K-pop stars to express their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.


K-pop's Dark and Tragic Underbelly

Deutsche Welle

Stars of the South Korean music genre have massive fan followings around the world. But K-pop's industry pressures and social media take a heavy toll on its so-called idols, as a series of recent deaths reveals.


Will We See More Taiwanese Faces in K-Pop?

Olivia Han

What's more attractive to young Taiwanese music talents - South Korea or Taiwan?


K-Pop, BTS and Breaking America

The Conversation

The Korean boy band BTS is the advance guard of what could well be a K-pop invasion of the West.


Week in Focus: South Korea Jails Park for 24 Years; Sumo Discrimination

Kuan Chen

A weekly roundup of the most important news from around the region in the week beginning April 1.


If South Korea's Pop Culture Can Make It, What About Hong Kong?

Marcella Ho

If Hong Kong’s popular culture was once a sharp sword, does its society have any interest in sharpening the rusty weapon?


MAMA and Hong Kong's Role in Spreading South Korea's Popular Culture

Marcella Ho

To the surprise of many, Hong Kong also has an unique and critical role in spreading South Korean popular culture.

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