Analysts: China Expanding Influence in Africa Via Telecom Network Deals

Voice of America

Critics worry about government purchases of Chinese equipment enabling repressive regimes, but in many African markets, a lack of options has created a dependence on Beijing-financed projects


In Bid To Rely Less on US, China Firms Stockpile Taiwan Tech Hardware

Voice of America

Chinese technology firms are stockpiling semiconductors made in Taiwan, which produces some of the world's most advanced chips, in an effort to depend less on U.S. supplies


Chinese 5G Not Living up To Its Hype

Voice of America

"In fact, human societies do not have an urgent need for 5G," said Huawei's founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, "What people need now is broadband, and the main content of 5G is not broadband."


Britain's Huawei Ban Resets Relations With China

Voice of America

British officials are bracing for a fierce reaction from Beijing following London's decision to block Chinese tech giant from playing any role in development of Britain’s 5G phone network.

Covid-19 Is Accelerating China’s Economic Self-Reliance

Covid-19 Is Accelerating China’s Economic Self-Reliance

East Asia Forum

Reliance on domestic consumption is just one of the shifts accelerated by the coronavirus and the increasing rivalry with the United States.


In Rare Move, US Clears Limited Cooperation Between US Firms, Huawei

Voice of America

The U.S. Commerce Department has reversed its ban preventing U.S. firms from working with Huawei.


TSMC Ceases Huawei Orders After New US Restrictions

TNL Staff

In ceasing Huawei orders, TSMC is taking the side of the U.S. in its trade war with China.


Banning Huawei Is Not the Best Solution for Global Cybersecurity

East Asia Forum

Some countries have banned Huawei due to its cyber intrusion risk, but is it the only way to protect personal data and critical information infrastructure?

任正非:華為進入戰時狀態 調整戰略方針

OPINION: Taiwan Should Treat Huawei as a National Security Threat

David Evans

Huawei's low-cost economic benefits are no longer sufficient for Taiwan to overlook the security risks it poses.


Chinese Netizens Had a Field Day Over That Huawei Propaganda Video

Oiwan Lam

Huawei has denied any involvement in the making of the video. Probably for the best.

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