Taiwan culture


A Newly Released White Paper Reveals the Future of Taiwan's Cultural Diplomacy

Taiwan Insight

The government has engaged in a conscious effort to raise awareness of Southeast Asian cultures and traditions, writes Wei Chun-ying.


OPINION: Taiwan's 'Buhaoyisi Culture' Falls Victim to a Dickensian Curse

James Baron

Empty words, false contrition: Is Taiwan, the island of ‘buhaoyisi,’ the embodiment of Uriah Heep?


PHOTO STORY: The Iron Tracery Culture of Taiwan

Olivia Yang

They were once a decoration with more than 100 patterns and could be custom-made. But handmaking a tracery was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, so factories started using machines for production, making the once intricate embellishments stale and identical.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Wide Does the Sky Lantern Clean-Up Need to Be?

TNL Staff

The once annual event has now turned into a daily tourist attraction that harms the environment.

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