A Taiwanese Mural Artist’s Journey Home

Bryan Chou

For his solo exhibition in Taiwan, Wang Liang traveled to cities and towns he had never set foot upon, on the lookout for images characterizing the people and their surroundings in the place he had come to feel, in some sense, that he had never left.

tiger-2341920_1280 老虎

Malaysian's ‘Mother GAIA’ Artwork Calls for Environmental Protection

Mong Palatino

A new exhibit in Penang, Malaysia features the latest paintings of Jennifer Mourin, an artist known for actively promoting the protection of the environment through her art.


Katsura Sunshine Brings the Japanese Art of Comic Storytelling to English-Language Audiences

Nevin Thompson

The Canadian-born rakugo has taken his show on the road, performing in front of international audiences.


Urban Art Flourishes in Cambodia Despite Challenges


Street art, and art in general, is an important part of healing for Cambodia and expanding people’s creative potential.  


Pioneering Queer Artists Opening Vietnam to Gay Culture

Cristina Nualart

Truong Tan’s breakout work might not have changed laws directly, but they certainly played a part in encouraging other artists to attempt resistance and overcome self-censorship.


Street Performers Juggle Regulations in Taiwan

ZiQing Low

The patronizing behavior of an adjudicator at Taipei’s street performer examination puts the spotlight on the grueling examination process and confusing regulations for busking in Taiwan.


From Caracas to Taipei: The Strange World of Ignacio Huang

James Baron

The life of the Taiwan-born Argentine actor spans across continents and cultures.


Shanghai’s Maturing Art Market Shelters Galleries From the Storm

August Rick

Amid a global economic downturn, China’s burgeoning contemporary art scene shows confidence in local talent.


INTERVIEW: The Resurgence of Ink Art with Hong Kong’s Wilson Shieh

Sarah Karacs

The News Lens talks to acclaimed artist Wilson Shieh, who fuses together traditional techniques to depict his singular vision of Hong Kong


Gay Mom Asks China’s Congress to Allow IVF for Unmarried Women

Qian Jinghua

Advocates say allowing procreation outside of marriage could boost lagging fertility rate.

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