Taiwan's East Coast 'Tilting Trains' Have Always Faced Operational Challenges

Asia Dialogue

The TRA retains an excellent safety record, but the recent Yilan derailment should motivate it to reevaluate some longstanding issues along its east coast rail network.


OPINION: Extend the HSR to Pingtung? Let’s Talk After the Election

Eryk Smith

Major transport projects have long been presented as a potential boon to Taiwan's south around election time.


Are Trains the Future of Transport in Taiwan?

While the government remains enthusiastic about railways, others suggest large-scale spending on new infrastructure is misguided.


Pingtung City is Dying, Why Not Give it to Kaohsiung?

Eryk Smith

Despite now being a 'city,' Pingtung residents would be better represented, better funded and better organized as a part of Kaohsiung.


M’sia, Thailand Agree to Study KL-Bangkok High Speed Rail


Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak says the HSR will advance the economies and people-to-people relations between the two countries.


THSRC Employees Owed NT$500 Million Overtime Pay and Request Leaves on Chinese Lunar New Year


According to the Taiwan High-Speed Rail Workers' Union, the THSRC has never paid overtime on national holidays and owe its employees a total of NT$500 million (approximately US$15 million) overtime pay. So far the debts have been ignored by the THSRC.

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