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A Newly Released White Paper Reveals the Future of Taiwan's Cultural Diplomacy

Taiwan Insight

The government has engaged in a conscious effort to raise awareness of Southeast Asian cultures and traditions, writes Wei Chun-ying.


Indigenous Architecture Credited With Saving Lives in Lombok Quakes


The Indonesian government often dismisses indigenous dwellings as 'slum villages,' but residents have no desire to move into concrete houses.


The Forgotten Story of Indigenous Resistance in Northern Philippines

'The story of Butbut tribe and the peoples of Cordillera provides us a picture of why resistance and solidarity, albeit rarely presented in mainstream media reports, remain relevant these days.'


Gender Identity Confronts Indigenous Traditions in 'Alifu, The Prince/ss'

Olivia Yang

The latest film by Taiwanese director Wang Yu-lin is making waves in Taiwan, not just because it discusses LGBTQ issues, but also the conflicts between gender identity and local indigenous traditions.


Limited Hunting to be Allowed for Aboriginals during Tribal Ceremonies


Minister of the Interior, Chen Wei-zen, says they are currently discussing to allow aboriginals to hunt limited non-endangered animals during tribal ceremonies. Chen stresses that he hopes the aboriginal hunting culture will be preserved through legal means and respect.

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