New Species Found in Embattled Greater Mekong

Deutsche Welle

The share of people living in cities across the five middle-income countries in the Greater Mekong has roughly doubled since 1970, pushing species to the brink of survival.


Vietnam’s Covid-19 Testing Scandal Goes Viral

East Asia Forum

Overpriced testing kits are an extremely sensitive issue that feeds into the long-standing problem of cronyism and backdoor politics in the medical equipment trade.


With West Distracted by Pandemic, Vietnam Ramps Up Repression

Voice of America

“Vietnam is the world’s third-largest prison for journalists, right after autocratic regimes like Xi’s China, and junta-ruled Myanmar.”


Railway Travel as a New Year’s Tradition in Asia

Xiaochen Su

Railway travel is inseparable from New Year’s celebrations across Asia, serving as much a part of the holidays as a facilitator of gatherings.


Vietnam’s First Metro, in Hanoi, Hobbled by Lack of Riders

Voice of America

It took 10 years for the metro line to enter service, but the value of the controversial project is being questioned.


Analysts: Thaw in Sino-US Trade Dispute Would Lift World Supply Chains, Dent Southeast Asia

Voice of America

Southeast Asian countries should expect less investment by multinationals trying to sustain U.S.-bound exports without shipping from China.


ASEAN in the Driver’s Seat in the South China Sea

East Asia Forum

After decade-long disputes, what can we expect to see in South China Sea in the upcoming year?


Amid China Tensions, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam Pin Hopes on Biden

Voice of America

Based on his record as vice president, scholars say Biden can be expected to put more emphasis on diplomacy, rather than the sort of military moves favored by President Donald Trump.


Vietnam’s Economic Hopes Fade as Covid-19 Takes Away Business

Voice of America

Will Vietnam's Covid-19 response help the country stay competitive as a manufacturing go-to spot in Asia when the pandemic is over?

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