Biden Meets Chinese Premier on G20 Sidelines

Voice of America

U.S. President Joe Biden expressed his intention to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping, despite a 10-month gap in communication.


Analyst: US Carrier, Prime Minister’s Visits to Vietnam ‘No Coincidence’

Voice of America

Analysts say visits by diplomats and USS Ronald Reagan are a proof of Vietnam’s so-called “bamboo policy” of balancing the interests of competing powers.


China’s Double Wedge Against Efforts to Foster Vietnam-US Relations

The Interpreter

Just as Beijing seeks to coerce Hanoi in the South China Sea, it warns about Washington’s intentions closer to home.


#Standwithbach: Support for Detained Environment Lawyer Who Is on Hunger Strike in Vietnam

Global Voices

Dang Dinh Bach might have been targeted by authorities for his work regarding a hydropower plant that displaced more than 91,000 people, supporters say.


Latest Environmentalist Arrest Shocks Vietnam’s Battered Civil Society


The Vietnamese government has a track record of charging critics of the government’s environmental policies of tax evasion.


China’s Defense Ties With Cambodia Raise Red Flags for Vietnam

East Asia Forum

Hanoi fears that China is using Cambodia as a tool to pressure Vietnam on its southern border.


Can ASEAN Benefit From the EU’s Green Agriculture Push?

Deutsche Welle

The EU wants to champion “green agriculture” in Southeast Asia. But limited trade relations, regulatory nightmares, and distrust could stymie it.


Heavy Rains Improve Mekong Life, but Concerns Remain

Voice of America

Many fishers say that although bumper catches were helped by illegal electric nets, the harvest was still low because of dams.


Ukraine War: Asian Nations Feel Economic Brunt of Conflict

Deutsche Welle

India, Bangladesh, and Southeast Asian countries are all feeling economic strain triggered by the war. India’s edible oil market and exports are suffering, while Bangladesh-Russia trade has taken a hit due to sanctions.


Reading Southeast Asia on Ukraine

The Interpreter

Russia’s invasion has unified the West with new clarity, yet exposed ambiguity and uncertainty in Southeast Asia.

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