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Commentators Discourage Extending National Security Crackdowns to ‘Soft Resistance’ in Hong Kong

Global Voices

China’s state-backed media in Hong Kong writes that any kinds of “soft resistance”, including dissenting opinions and culture, should be crushed in full force.


Protests Condemn Military-Appointed Senators for Ignoring the Choice of Thai Voters

Global Voices

Protests broke out in Thailand after military-appointed senators blocked Pita Limjaroenrat, who led Move Forward Party to win landslide victory in national election, from being the next prime minister.


China: Hundreds Attested Over Banking Scandal That Triggered Protests

Deutsche Welle

The scandal drew national attention in China and protests by disgruntled customers in July were violently quashed. Authorities in Henan now say they have arrested 234 people and made progress recovering the funds.


Thai Pro-democracy Movement Makes Comeback to Push for Monarchy Reform

Voice of America

Demonstrators in Thailand voice discontent with the government’s handling of the pandemic, vaccine rollout, and economy.


Hong Kong: Joshua Wong Sentenced to 10 More Months

Deutsche Welle

A court has sentenced four pro-democracy activists for taking part in last year’s Tiananmen Square commemorations. The judge said the sentence should “deter people from offending and re-offending.”


Myanmar’s Anti-Junta Protesters Turning to Rebel Armies for Military Training

Voice of America

Ethnic Karen rebels resumed decades-long fight against Myanmar army after February 1 coup


Reports: At Least 39 Killed as Myanmar Imposes Martial Law in Yangon Suburb

Voice of America

At least 39 demonstrators were reportedly killed in Yangon’s Hlaingthaya area.


Thailand: Dozens Injured in Violent Protests

Deutsche Welle

Pro-democracy activists and security forces have clashed once again in Bangkok, with police using tear gas and water cannons laced with irritating chemicals to stop protesters from entering the country's parliament.


Rising Protests and a Sinking Economy Spell Trouble in Thailand

The Interpreter

A wave of dissatisfaction with the ruling elite and a Covid-induced recession have shaken the country’s foundations.


OPINION: Taiwan's Anti-nuclear Movement Needs Reinvigorating

Brian Hioe

Turnout for this year's anti-nuclear march was disappointing, even as the government shows signs it is willing to rely on nuclear power.

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