In Thai Politics, Tigers and Crocodiles Abound

East Asia Forum

Accusations that Move Forward is too progressive or a threat to the military and monarchic institutions feeds speculation of another coup.


Human Rights Watch Demands Probe Into Killing of Prominent Laotian Activist in Thailand

Voice of America

Bounsuan was a former member of the Free Laos group involved in several protests in front of the Lao embassy in Bangkok demanding respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


Thailand Opposition Signs Coalition Agreement, Pledges To Restore Democracy

Voice of America

In a joint MOU, coalition leaders vow to draft a new constitution, pass a marriage equality act, and reform the police, military, and the justice process.


Thailand: Opposition Parties Meet for Tricky Coalition Talks

Deutsche Welle

In closed-door negotiations, the liberal Move Forward Party and five other parties might struggle for consensus among each other on some issues, including Thailand’s strict lese majeste law.


Thailand Elections: Opposition Receives Overwhelming Support

Deutsche Welle

Despite opinion polls suggesting the likelihood of a change in government, a history of military coups, court orders, and junta-formulated 2017 constitution sustain fears of the military’s continued rule.


Youth Party Seeks to Move Thailand Forward from Army Control

Voice of America

Pheu Thai and Move Forward share a desire to get the army out of politics and they could form a coalition if their combined seats exceed the majority.


Does Thailand’s Election Matter?

The Interpreter

The election could be a plus for Thailand’s regional role, which has been sadly diminished over the past two decades.


Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 2: Bondage at Sea

The Outlaw Ocean Project

A global scourge, sea slavery is something most people do not realize exists. Why does it persist?


Paying for a New Thai Democracy

The Interpreter

The real winners are far from clear, but Thailand’s populist, party jumping election is Asia’s vote to watch this year.


Thailand’s Cannabis Policy Experiment

East Asia Forum

Cannabis decriminalization is seen as a way to attract tourists, especially young adults, but conservative groups are questioning whether cannabis users are the kinds of tourists Thailand should want.

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