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A New Platform Monitoring Press Freedom in Southeast Asia

Global Voices

A new platform named was set up to monitor press freedom in Southeast Asia, and this year 73 cases of violation of rights were recorded.

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Clean Me a River: Southeast Asia Chokes on Mekong Plastic Pollution


Study finds that micro-plastics in Mekong River are drifting to Western Philippines and Indonesia, contaminating seafood and disrupting marine life, in the Coral Triangle's area.


Discovering Southeast Asian Grocery Stores in Taiwan

every little d

As migrant communities formed, Southeast Asian grocery stores have sprung up across Taiwan.


Southeast Asia’s Tech Industry Goes From a Gallop to a Canter

East Asia Forum

ASEAN’s economic growth is projected to be above 5% in 2022 and 2023, outperforming China for the first time.


The Problem With Digital Nomad Visas

Tessa Charupatanapongse

As the digital nomad wave crests, governments in Southeast Asia should consider the implications that their schemes bring beyond economic growth.


Does ASEAN Really Need an Official “Second Language”?

The Interpreter

If Southeast Asia really needs to have official languages, choosing all the national languages of the ASEAN countries would be a prudent move.


Ukraine War: Asian Nations Feel Economic Brunt of Conflict

Deutsche Welle

India, Bangladesh, and Southeast Asian countries are all feeling economic strain triggered by the war. India’s edible oil market and exports are suffering, while Bangladesh-Russia trade has taken a hit due to sanctions.


Reading Southeast Asia on Ukraine

The Interpreter

Russia’s invasion has unified the West with new clarity, yet exposed ambiguity and uncertainty in Southeast Asia.


Covid Complicates Asian Football’s Fight Against Match Fixing

Deutsche Welle

Asian football in particular has long had a problem with match fixing. While some progress had been made in fighting the crime in recent years, the arrival of Covid-19 has made it easier for match fixers to do business.


EU, China Race To Secure Green Projects in Southeast Asia

Deutsche Welle

The EU and China have pledged to boost funding of green investment projects in ASEAN. But will these erstwhile partners, whose relations have soured over the past year, be able to work side by side?

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