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Survey Finds Concern With US-China Tensions Among Asian Countries

Voice of America

Experts say the results should serve as a reminder to Americans that there are a variety of perspectives on the U.S.-China rivalry in the Asia-Pacific region.


East Asia’s Low Welfare Spending Model Fails to Tackle Inequality

The Interpreter

Some say due to strong familial ties, intra-family transfers more or less substituted the role of state welfare in East Asia. But families are getting smaller and evidence suggests that private transfers are not equivalent to public welfare.


Singapore and Taiwan’s Multifaceted, Unofficial Ties

Ja Ian Chong

Singapore has had robust economic, societal, and cultural ties with Taiwan, but its trepidation at offending the PRC may prompt it to pull back.


If Singapore Wants to Debate the Death Penalty, Talk To Us — Not Richard Branson.

Kirsten Han

If the Singapore government really prioritized the well-being of people in Singapore, they wouldn’t be wasting time and money trying to get Richard Branson over for a “debate.”


Singapore Scapegoats Doctors and Drug Users — And Rejects Real Solutions

Kirsten Han

The case of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sen shows how Singapore collapses the nuances of drug use into a “war on drugs” that punishes and outcasts users — and medical practitioners.


Will the Queen’s Passing Prompt Discussions of Colonialism in Singapore? Nope.

Kirsten Han

The death of Queen Elizabeth II is an appropriate time to talk about British colonialism. These discussions aren’t happening in Singapore.


The Problem With Section 377A

Kirsten Han

It’s good that Section 377A of the Penal Code, which criminalizes sex between men, is being repealed. But what has been won should should not be mistaken as an act of progressive change by the ruling party.


What Singapore’s 377A Repeal Is About: Entrenching the PAP’s Conservative Rule

Roy Ngerng

Behind the facade of an advance for the LGBT community in Singapore is an attempt to shore up both a homophobic agenda and the ruling People’s Action Party’s rule.


Can Egg Freezing Crack Singapore’s Demographic Decline?

East Asia Forum

Singaporean women and demographic observers may have cause for celebration, but medical technology does not present the ideal solution to what is, at heart, a social problem.


The Many Faces of the Hokkien-language Internet

Sam Robbins

Online content distinctly aimed at promoting Taiwanese Hokkien within Taiwan abounds, but there is also a wide range of content created by communities interested in Hokkien, spoken in different varieties from East Asia, Southeast Asia, to North America.

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