Analysts: China Tests US Commitment to Indo-Pacific in South China Sea

Voice of America

Tensions rise in the South China Sea as Philippine and Chinese vessels collide near a disputed reef. Both sides issued statements criticizing each other and videos were released as evidence.


Maria Ressa acquitted of final tax evasion charge

Deutsche Welle

Maria Ressa, the renowned investigative journalist of Rappler, has faced multiple legal disputes, which she claims are politically motivated. Despite the acquittal, she still faces two additional legal battles.


Comprehensive Sex Education Remains Controversial in the Philippines 

Voice of America

Advocates for comprehensive sex education say the lack of lessons for many youths is one of the reasons one out of 10 births in the Philippines is by a mother younger than 19.


Marcos Jr’s Big Bad Sovereign Wealth Fund

Michael Beltran

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr touted the creation of a sovereign wealth fund as a game-changer for the economy, but experts worry that public funds will be plundered again.

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Abused by Own Embassy Officials, Filipino Human Trafficking Survivors in Syria Seek Justice

Michael Beltran

Filipino human trafficking victims have filed a complaint against former Philippine envoy to Syria for abuse and neglect. Some say the embassy sold them back to their abusive employers after they escaped.


Creatives as Frontliners in the Philippines’ Fight Against Disinformation

East Asia Forum

The Marcos and Duterte camps have been successful in advancing compelling narratives for their political gain. But these narratives are not necessarily durable. As media studies scholar Jason Cabanes and historian Fernando Santiago put it, counter-disinformation efforts can “turn disinformation campaigns on their head by turning their own strategies against them.”


Survey Finds Concern With US-China Tensions Among Asian Countries

Voice of America

Experts say the results should serve as a reminder to Americans that there are a variety of perspectives on the U.S.-China rivalry in the Asia-Pacific region.


Nearly a Year Into Office, Marcos Gets Mixed Analyst Reviews

Voice of America

“We have really yet to see any major achievements, especially for the lives of the ordinary people,” said Cleve Arguelles, chief executive of WR Numero Research. Despite this, Marcos remains popular in public opinion polls, in April a report indicated that 78% of Filipinos approved of his performance.


China’s Strong-Arming Won’t Work in Marcos’ Philippines

East Asia Forum

China lost sight that the Philippines — like many ASEAN countries — is a post-colonial state, sensitive to the raw ambition of superpowers to dominate and bend them against their will. Beijing overlooked the determination of many domestic actors in these countries to defend their national interest.

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