Malaysia Needs To Implement Multi-Year Wage Plan To Become a Leading Country in Asia

Roy Ngerng

If Malaysia wants to become one of the 30 largest economies globally, one way it can do so is to implement a seven-year plan to raise its minimum wage.

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Malaysia Does Not Need the Progressive Wage Model, It Needs To Raise Minimum Wage Faster

Roy Ngerng

Singapore’s progressive wage model only reinforces the income divide, so instead of following suit, the Malaysia’s government shall implement multi-year plan to raise the minimum wage.


Indonesia, Malaysia Deploy Ministers To Push Back on EU Palm Oil Restrictions


The world’s two biggest palm oil producers have long protested EU policies against palm oil, calling them discriminatory and protectionist of Europe’s own oilseeds industry.


Malaysian Authorities Seize Rainbow Swatch Watches

Deutsche Welle

Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia and many LGBT events and symbols are suppressed.


Can ASEAN Benefit From the EU’s Green Agriculture Push?

Deutsche Welle

The EU wants to champion “green agriculture” in Southeast Asia. But limited trade relations, regulatory nightmares, and distrust could stymie it.


Indonesia Gets the Ball Rolling On Domestic Worker Rights

The Interpreter

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has endorsed the Domestic Worker Protection Bill, showing moral support for Indonesians who were employed overseas as domestic workers and sending a strong message to migrant-receiving countries like Malaysia and Taiwan to protect the rights of these workers.


Anwar’s Victory Not the Only Malaysian Shockwave

The Interpreter

A dramatic rise in the Islamist vote in the Muslim-majority country is the biggest outcome of the election.


The Problem With Digital Nomad Visas

Tessa Charupatanapongse

As the digital nomad wave crests, governments in Southeast Asia should consider the implications that their schemes bring beyond economic growth.


Malaysia’s Institutional Uncertainty

East Asia Forum

Despite graft conviction, Najib Razak’s return to power could be imaginable given the power dynamics in UMNO. As a first step, he is now seeking a pardon from the king.


The Many Faces of the Hokkien-language Internet

Sam Robbins

Online content distinctly aimed at promoting Taiwanese Hokkien within Taiwan abounds, but there is also a wide range of content created by communities interested in Hokkien, spoken in different varieties from East Asia, Southeast Asia, to North America.

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