How a Chinese Woman Defied Expectations to Become a Scientist

Liu Jia

A Princeton cosmologist reflects on the personal and societal stumbling blocks she faced as a woman in a male-dominated discipline.


Tackling Sex Re-assignment Surgery in Malaysia

Ismail Shogo

Ismail Shogo outlines the Malaysian state’s stance on sex re-assignment surgery and seeks to analyze the rationale that underlies it.

Pop art girl with megaphone. Woman with loudspeaker

The Rise of Saigon’s Stand-Up Scene


Saigon's stand-up comedy scene is catching on and working to include comedians of different backgrounds. 'Diversity in general always makes for better shows,' said Diana Bailey.


How to Be more than a Token Woman in Chinese Politics

Sarah O'Meara

Exploring female representation in government and what the future holds for the coming generations in China.


Happily Ever After Divorce

Firliana Purwanti

'Unless we change our current perception of gender roles, the only way a woman can live happily is after her divorce.'


Male Police Officer Dismissed For Wearing Long Hair Draws Criticism in Taiwan


Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR) Shi Yi-xiang points out that the National Police Agency (NPA) does not care about wearing long hair or not. The NPA is worried that once they give in and set a precedent, the police will start questioning the value of their superiors' commands.

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