China’s Crackdown on Muslims Spreads To Tropical Hainan 

Voice of America

Beijing’s anti-Islam campaign is now targeting the Utsuls, a 10,000-strong Muslim ethnic community that has successfully, for now, pushed back against a ban on wearing head scarves.


The Muslim Experience in Taipei


Taipei Grand Mosque Imam Dr. Ibrahim Chao reflects on his life and offers guidance for Muslim travelers in Taiwan.


Indian Women Join a Global ‘Fourth Wave’ Feminist Movement

The Conversation

Thousands of women across India are protesting the country's anti-citizenship law and gender discrimination.


Deep-rooted Problems with Democracy in Indonesia

Vedi Hadiz

Indonesians who tend towards secular forms of democratic politics should be aware, now more so than ever, of the historical and contemporary weakness of politically liberal (or social democratic) streams within Indonesian politics.


A Roadmap for Breaking Malaysia's 'One Party State'

Wong Chin Huat

With the right balance of change and continuity guided principally by a two-stage roadmap, there is hope that PH may just garner enough Malay and non-Malay voters to end UMNO’s corrupt party-state.


This 'Racy' Pop Song was Too Much for Malaysia's State Media

Mong Palatino

‘Despacito’ was deemed too racy by Malaysia’s state media networks.

Portrait of smart female college student with books and bright light bulb above her head as a symbol of bright ideas — Photo by realinemedia

New Indonesian Anthology Asks People to Lighten Up About Religion

Ayunda Nurvitasari

In a time when posting anything critical of religion on social media in Indonesia can land you in jail, author Feby Indirani released a collection of short stories that reflect her take on the increasingly more conservative society.


Dangerous Games: China’s Ethnic Policies in Xinjiang

Ben Hillman

New naming regulations are designed to curtail 'religious fervor.' But the ruling also targets Uyghur nationalism, which is often conflated with Islamic extremism in China.


OPINION: Aung San Suu Kyi, The World is Watching Your Treatment of Religious Freedom

Phil Robertson

The international community won’t accept inaction or excuses from the Aung San Suu Kyi-led government this time.


OPINION: Indonesia, Please Stop Public Flogging of Gay Men

Phelim Kine

The president should denounce punishment of 85 lashes for ‘sodomy’ in Aceh, writes Phelim Kine.

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