3D列印(英語:3D printing),又稱立體列印、增材製造、積層製造(英語:Additive Manufacturing,AM),可指任何列印三維物體的過程。 --來自 維基百科

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2015/07/22 | Zou Chi

University in Taiwan Develops 3D-printed Animal Prostheses

Animal prostheses are currently imported at a price 30 times higher than 3D-printed ones. The 3D-printed bones also function better and are more authentic than the imported ones that are made from molds.

2015/06/05 | Yuan

3D Model Yearbooks for Visually Impaired Students

The Ctrl+P team visits Taichung every week or two free of charge and creates teaching materials, charts and even tools like protractors to help the students understand the classes intuitively.