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Does Spanish Nationalism Exist?

The Conversation

The emergence of regional nationalisms, such as Catalan or Basque nationalism, has challenged the idea of a unified Spain.


Identities Clash in Vietnam's North and South

New Naratif

South Vietnam ended as a political entity in 1975, but cultural differences continue to reverberate throughout Vietnamese society.


Exploring What It Means to Be Young and Vietnamese


Hanoi-based podcast, 'The Renovation Generation,' is bringing to light how Vietnam's young population is diverse, complex and full of stories.


BOOK REVIEW: Generation HK: Seeking Identity in China’s Shadow

Kevin Carrico

'Generation HK' is a welcome addition to the literature on contemporary Hong Kong.


Chinese Talent Shows, Popular Music and Cross-Strait Relations

Ya-Hui Cheng

Have TV talent shows helped Taiwanese citizens view China differently?


What Food Tells Us About China’s Confused National Identity

Chen Yudan

Variety is the country’s culinary hallmark, but it doesn’t help the Chinese pin down exactly what it means to be Chinese.


A Bear and a Complex Character: New Symbols of Taiwanese Patriotism?

J. Michael Cole

Symbols are essential to nationalism, and Taiwan will need more of those if it is to succeed in making the case for its continued existence as a distinct political entity on the international stage.

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