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New Global Climate Assessment Aims to Gauge Progress

Voice of America

At last year’s Bonn Climate Conference, technical experts began to assess the findings, a process meant to be finalized over this year’s 10-day gathering. The consideration of the findings will begin immediately following the conference and will be translated into recommendations for further action meant to be finalized in Dubai later this year.


The Hottest Summer on Record Threatens Stability of Life


World Meteorological Organization recorded the hottest June and July ever.


Face Your Fear: Here's What a 1.5 C Warmer World Really Looks Like

Nate Maynard

In the best case scenario we will lose corals and the Arctic even if we transition at an abrupt and societally transformative pace.


From Laggard to Leader: China's New Role in Fighting Climate Change

Patrick Schroeder

If China implements a national carbon tax system, this would be the most important climate policy decision taken by any government so far, and would put China into a clear global leadership position on climate change.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Climate Change Will Impact Taiwan

Morley J Weston

If you’re worried about rising sea levels, stay out of Yilan


The First Observations of Sea Ice Came From 8th-Century Irish Monks in Iceland

Sarah Laskow

In 1978, satellites started collecting data on sea ice to create a continuous record, and that’s the data that shows that this year is the worst of those 38 for sea ice. But those satellites are aging, and there’s no guarantee they will be replaced.


In China We Trust: The Promise of a New Carbon Market

Zhang Chun

As China prepares to open a national carbon market, no immediate emissions reduction is expected when it opens next year, but its huge scale provides hope for reductions from 2020 onwards.

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Japan Should Take More Proactive Climate Action

The Japan Times

Japan’s efforts toward cutting its own emissions have failed to impress internationally. It needs to demonstrate that it is serious about combating climate change by taking concrete action and coming up with more ambitious long-term plans.


Fiji Becomes First Country To Approve Paris Agreement

TNL 編輯

Countries in the Asia Pacific region are among the most vulnerable nations when talking about global warming. Recently, Fiji's parliament ratified the implementation of Paris Agreement in their country, hoping to pioneer the official agreement among participating countries.

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