US, China Dig In Despite Hopes for Thaw

Voice of America

Tensions between the U.S. and China continue to rise despite recent diplomatic efforts made by the U.S. officials.


Protests Condemn Military-Appointed Senators for Ignoring the Choice of Thai Voters

Global Voices

Protests broke out in Thailand after military-appointed senators blocked Pita Limjaroenrat, who led Move Forward Party to win landslide victory in national election, from being the next prime minister.


US Shoots Down Chinese Calls To Lift Sanctions

Voice of America

The Pentagon said sanctions do not need to be lifted in order for Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to communicate with his counterpart.

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US Warns ‘Alarming Increase’ in Aggressive Chinese Intercepts

Voice of America

A senior defense official said since 2021, the PRC has declined or failed to respond to more than a dozen requests from the Department of Defense for key leader engagements, along with multiple requests for standing dialogues and nearly 10 working-level engagements. “Frankly, it’s just the latest in a litany of excuses.”


Sexism in Indian Army: Top Court Ruling Shatters Glass Ceiling for Women Officers

Deutsche Welle

India's top court this week ordered the government to grant permanent commission to female officers in the army, paving the way for female army officers to be treated on par with their male colleagues.


Vietnam Upgrades Spratly Islands Outposts in Broiling South China Sea

Vietnam is beefing up its islands outposts and protecting its operations using fishing vessels.


OPINION: Canada Must Develop a Coherent East Asia Maritime Strategy

Adam P MacDonald

Deployments of Royal Canadian Navy ships to East Asia suggest a willingness to influence the region, but Canada must define a clear policy objective amid tension between the U.S. and China.


Philippines Foreign Policy under President Duterte

Lucio Blanco Pitlo III

Philippines foreign policy under President Duterte has strengthened relations with Japan and appeared to tack away from the U.S., but the reality is more nuanced.


The Dangers of Flip-flopping on North Korea

Dongxiao Chen

The security situation on the Korean peninsula seems to be moving further away from Beijing’s preferred objectives.


India vs China: Who Really Won at Doklam

Rory Medcalf

Unless China brings back the bulldozers soon, India will have won this round. And it did so without substantial involvement by the US.

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