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Dispatches from The Outlaw Ocean Episode 7: Chasing Ghosts

The Outlaw Ocean Project

Why is the largest illegal fishing fleet ever discovered causing dead bodies to wash ashore in Japan?


Japan’s Nuclear Dilemmas in a Challenging New Era

East Asia Forum

Unlike in South Korea, Japanese public opinion remains opposed to nuclear weapons acquisition.


North Korea Space Launch Fails After Rocket Crashes Into Sea

Deutsche Welle

Authorities in Japan and South Korea lifted evacuation warnings not long after the launch. North Korea had previously announced its intention to launch a military spy satellite.


Japan: Animal Rights Activists Condemn Centuries-Old Ritual

Deutsche Welle

A shrine in central Japan is defending a popular ritual that often sees the horses taking part mistreated or injured. Animal rights activists say it's about tourism and money, not history.


China’s Appropriation of Comfort Women Activism

East Asia Forum

Chinese authorities saw a chance to appropriate the narrative around comfort women for their own ends, showing no interest in stimulating critical reflection on the continuing abuse of women in contemporary East Asia.


Japan: Public Reluctant To Defend Taiwan Should China Invade

Deutsche Welle

A new opinion poll has found that over half of the Japanese population is of the opinion that the Japan Self-Defense Forces should not become involved in fighting if China invades Taiwan.


The Philippines’ Fight for Foreign Policy Freedom

East Asia Forum

Due to China’s increasing assertiveness in the Taiwan Strait and grey-zone coercion in the West Philippine Sea, Marcos reinvigorated the Philippine alliance with the U.S. and sought a stronger strategic partnership with Japan.


Taiwan Tensions Fuel Anxiety on Japan’s Tiny Yonaguni Island

Voice of America

Yonaguni is the westernmost in a series of small Japanese islands, known as Yaeyama, that are gradually being transformed into a key line of defense as Japan embarks on its biggest military buildup since World War II.


Demography Poses No Imminent Threat to China’s Economic Modernization

East Asia Forum

In the short to medium term, fewer children imply reduced expenditure — an advantage to the economy.


Japan and South Korea: A Logical but Uneasy Alignment

The Interpreter

Is a compensation deal to right colonial-era wrongs part of a strategic shift towards rapprochement?

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