Children on the Run: Queer Reorientation in Hirokazu Koreeda’s Kaibutsu 

Ronex Leung

Through its use of nature imageries and vast landscapes, Kaibutsu evokes a reorientation of queer identities for the two innocent boys Minato and Yori .


South Korea, Japan Aim To Stabilize China Relations Despite US Partnership

Voice of America

Analysts suggest that China is concerned about the closer alignment of Japan and South Korea with the US and Europe in reducing its access to cutting-edge technologies.

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Anti-Japan Sentiment Grows in China Following Fukushima Water Release

Voice of America

China experiences a surge in public outrage towards Japan following the release of treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.


Critics: Japan Former PM’s Three-Day Visit to Taiwan Might Dissatisfy China

TNL Staff

Critics say that Taro Aso's three-day visit to Taiwan might displease China, particularly with the “woof-warrior” styled Wang Yi now serving as the Foreign Minister.


Japan Imposes Microchip Export Ban, Angering China

Voice of America

Japan followed the Netherlands and the U.S. in imposing microchip export controls on China, which will severely affect China’s ability to keep up with Western technology.


Enjoy the Splendors of Eastern Japan: Embark on a Joyful Train Journey to Experience Local Culture

Within the service area of East Japan Railway Company (JR East), there are themed "Joyful Trains" like TOHOKU EMOTION and Koshino Shu✲Kura operating in various regions, offering travelers a unique train-riding experience.


Japan’s Paradoxical Teacher Shortage

East Asia Forum

Over half of the school teachers in Japan work more than 60 hours per week.


The Looming Fate of Fukushima’s Contaminated Water

The Interpreter

Environmental concerns in the Pacific come with political risks for Japan’s Prime Minister.


Miyawaki Forests Are a Global Sensation, but Not Everyone’s Sold on Them


According to Mitsubishi’s website, the Miyawaki project aims “to demonstrate the feasibility of restoring degraded forest land to conditions that closely resemble a natural forested ecosystem within 40 to 50 years.” However, a 1993 paper from Friends of the Earth didn’t look so kindly on the Miyawaki project in Bintulu...


Watered-Down LGBTQ ‘Understanding’ Bill Shows How Far Japan’s Parliament Is Out of Step With Its Society – And History

The Conversation

The resistance of national politicians to establish legal protections for sexual minorities is out of step with Japan’s long and widely acknowledged history of diverse sexual cultures.

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