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Indonesia Eyes Enrolling More Ports in Fight Against Illegal Fishing


Indonesia’s estimated fish stock is 12 million metric tons, down almost 4% from 2017, while 53% of its fisheries management zones are considered “fully exploited,” up from 44% in 2017.


China's 'Dark Fishing Fleets' Cast a Black Shadow Over the South China Sea

The Interpreter

The 'maritime militia' narrative is being overemphasized at the expense of very real problems, writes Zhang Hongzhou.


Indonesian Fishermen Go It Alone in Fight Against Dynamite Fishing


Indonesia's ban against blast fishing is not being enforced in some parts of Sulawesi island. Local fishermen are declaring their own marine protected areas.


OPINION: Taiwan Must Address Abuse, Illegal Fishing Aboard Its Vessels

Max Schmid

Failure to tackle illegal fishing and human rights abuse in the Taiwanese fleet harms the country’s reputation and jeopardizes millions of dollars in seafood trade.


Indonesia Celebrates Independence Day by Sinking Foreign Vessels

Olivia Yang

Indonesia is drumming up nationalism while making good on its promise to crack down on foreign fishing vessels operating illegally in its waters.


EU Issues Warning and Taiwan to Increase Fine for Illegal Fishing

TNL 編輯

If Taiwan has not made improvements before the deadline, the European Commission will warn Taiwan with a red card and prohibit the import of Taiwanese fishery products to European countries. It is estimated that it will lead to NT$ 520 million (approximately US$ 15.9 million) worth of damages.

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