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China Cuts US$2.7b Fishing Deal With Madagascar, Angering Locals


A fishing rights deal with China has infuriated the people of Madagascar. The sitting president, running for re-election in a vote held on Wednesday (Nov. 7), is right in the thick of it.


Indonesian Fishermen Go It Alone in Fight Against Dynamite Fishing


Indonesia's ban against blast fishing is not being enforced in some parts of Sulawesi island. Local fishermen are declaring their own marine protected areas.


Abused by Employer, an Indonesian Fisherman Appeals to Taiwan's Parliament

Nick Aspinwall

An Indonesian fisherman complained of being given the cold shoulder by the local labor office despite several complaints of abuse.


Taiwan Migrant Fishers' Groups Step Up Pressure on Working Conditions

James X. Morris

A new group of NGOs wants more vigorous enforcement of the Labor Standards Act.


Taiwan Fishing Industry Faces Possible Heavy Blow From SCS Ruling

Olivia Yang

Taiwanese authorities are reassuring local fishermen that they will protect their rights and safeguard the NT$18 billion offshore fishing industry in Taiwan.


EU Issues Warning and Taiwan to Increase Fine for Illegal Fishing

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If Taiwan has not made improvements before the deadline, the European Commission will warn Taiwan with a red card and prohibit the import of Taiwanese fishery products to European countries. It is estimated that it will lead to NT$ 520 million (approximately US$ 15.9 million) worth of damages.

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