Modernizing Malaysia: Port City Sees Pitfalls of Chinese Investment


Malaysia's Kuantan Port worries about lasting environmental impacts after a Chinese infrastructure project was canceled.


Modernizing Malaysia: A Glistening River Revitalizes Kuala Lumpur


The River of Life, a project spearheaded by former Malaysia PM Najib Razak, has reinvigorated Kuala Lumpur's public spaces and improved the water quality of the Klang River.


Malaysia Takes Stock of Government-linked 'Monster' Companies

East Asia Forum

Malaysia is to first assess the role GLCs should play before undertaking reform.

Tun Mahathir Mohamad 大馬總統

OPINION: Social Media is Running Roughshod over Rural Malaysian Politics

New Mandala

Technological change is reshaping traditional political loyalties in Malaysia.


The Next Election Will 'Change the Malaysian Narrative'

New Mandala

A panel discusses the future of Malaysia -- massive changes are underway, but the public remains unenthused about upcoming elections.


OPINION: The Malaysian Election Campaign is Already Exhausting

Amrita Malhi

One can only hope that as the election draws nearer, messages will become clearer and Malaysians’ energy will return.


A New Generation of Protest Culture Sweeps Southeast Asia

Julian CH Lee

Young protestors in Malaysia differ from other activists in terms of the their collective identity, the moral value they place on that identity, and the breadth of issues they may champion.


Towards the Endgame for Malaysia's Najib

Edward White

'If there is an indictment in the DoJ case in the United States where Najib is named directly, then he is toast.'


The Global Fallout from Malaysia's 1MDB Scandal

Amrita Malhi

The destabilization caused by the 1MDB scandal has spread far beyond Najib’s domestic control and attracted global attention to Malaysia.

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