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Europe ‘Risks Dependence’ on Chinese Batteries, EU Report Finds

Voice of America

Europe is at risk of becoming dependent on China for batteries and fuel cells, much like it was reliant on Russia for energy before the invasion of Ukraine, according to a report by the European Union.


No Consensus, Mass Confusion After Taiwan's Energy Referendums

Roy Ngerng

A survey held after Taiwan's referendums showed voters were unaware of the country's energy policy.


ANALYSIS: Solar Lessons for ASEAN from Thailand's Feed-in Tariff Success

Nate Maynard

Thailand has powered past regional peers when it comes to solar power capacity via astute implementation of feed-in tariffs.


Ever Heard of Thorium? It's the Nuclear Fuel Even Indonesia Is Considering


A little known yet arguably safer and more plentiful nuclear fuel, thorium, is making a comeback in traditionally anti-nuclear Indonesia.


TCI Becomes First Taiwanese Company to Commit to 100% Renewable Energy

Nate Maynard

A white label manufacturer is showing the way for Taiwan's companies to fall into line with a greening global supply chain.


Green Paradox: Indonesia's Electricity Future Defined by Coal, Renewables


Indonesia put itself back on track to meet to meet renewable energy targets by promising to produce less energy in total.


Taiwan Cannot Develop Renewable Energy While Secretly Subsidizing Fossil Fuels

Nate Maynard

Taiwan's government claims that they eliminated electricity subsidies, but they really just hid them from public scrutiny.


End to 'War on Coal' Puts Asia's Renewable Future at Risk

Sally Tyler

New Trump administration moves to bolster coal-fired electricity production echo recent moves to embrace the polluting fossil fuel in Southeast Asia, and threaten both renewable energy goals and greenhouse gas emission targets of the Paris climate change accord.


Will the Silent Comeback of Coal Threaten Japan’s Climate Goals?

Florentine Koppenborg

Japan’s energy debate demonstrates that phasing out coal from the electricity mix and replacing it with renewable alternatives can be a political challenge.   

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