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Child Labor to Surge in Vietnam Due to Climate Change: Experts


As climate change wreaks havoc on Vietnam, more children will be forced to work from an early age, experts say.


As the U.S. Says ‘Non!’ to Paris, What Will China Do Next?

Li Zhiqing

President Trump’s withdrawal from the landmark agreement gives China a chance to lead the fight against climate change — if it is ready to do so.


Trump's Paris Climate Accord Rejection: Here's What the Scientists Say

Glenn Scherer

Donald Trump has announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord; scientists from around the globe respond to this exclusive Mongabay commentary.


From Laggard to Leader: China's New Role in Fighting Climate Change

Patrick Schroeder

If China implements a national carbon tax system, this would be the most important climate policy decision taken by any government so far, and would put China into a clear global leadership position on climate change.


Did Trump Actually Help the Climate Cause?

Olivia Kember

With this level of consensus, the biggest risk of a Trump withdrawal —  that it starts other countries down the same path — is unlikely to eventuate.


Trump and Climate Science: Typhoons are Already Becoming More Intense in Asia

Agence France-Presse

The intensity of typhoons battering China, Taiwan, Japan and the Korean Peninsula since 1980 has increased by 12 to 15 percent.


INFOGRAPHIC: How Climate Change Will Impact Taiwan

Morley J Weston

If you’re worried about rising sea levels, stay out of Yilan


Trump and the Future of India–US Relations

Less than three months into Donald Trump’s term as president, those watching in India are intensely anticipating how bilateral relations will proceed with the United States.


Coffee Production in Vietnam Faces Dark Future Under Climate Change


Rising temperatures and shifting rainfall patterns may cost Vietnam 50 percent of its current Robusta coffee production areas by 2050.


Hot Water in South China Sea Causes Mass Coral Bleaching

Shi Yi

Strong El Niño effect increased summer water temperatures by up to 6 degrees.

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