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Is Bitcoin Killing the Planet?

Dinah Gardner

Dreaming of Bitcoin hitting US$1 million? Then think twice about the energy implications and the future of your planet.


'Negotiation by Exhaustion': Reflecting on the Kyoto Protocol

Daniel Hurst

Two decades on from the landmark meeting in Japan, negotiators have yet to find a satisfactory method of enforcing climate commitments.


CARTOON: Taiwan Pulled from Climate Summit by Political Undertow

Stellina Chen

Taiwan's ship of state lacks the power to get to the UN climate summit.


Can We Pull Taiwan Out of Its Identity Crisis?

Jane W. Wang

Taiwan aspires to be the global innovation hub of Asia while driving globally-minded talent away with low salaries and conservative work cultures. How can current globally-minded talent battle disillusionment?


US Leads Coal-Gas-Nuke Panel at Climate Summit

Justin Catanoso

The panel argued that fossil fuel production at high, subsidized levels is vital to 'energy security and economic development.'


Global Climate Summit Dominated by Budget Cuts, Red Tape

The Third Pole

Many grants promised to countries to help combat climate change have been swapped out for loans.


Rohingya Face Conflux of Conflict, Development and Disaster

Max Martin

The ethnic cleansing and wholesale expulsion of Rohingyas from Rakhine state in Myanmar highlight how forced migration of minority communities is driven by identity politics and land grabs for development.


India and Nepal Team up to Rescue Flooded Rhinos

Moushumi Basu

Efforts to rescue flood-swept rhinos have involved around 350 forest personnel and officials from both India and Nepal.


Q&A: How Saigon and the Mekong Delta Can Confront Climate Change


'Vietnam could raise more awareness about climate change and risks. There is little awareness among local people and farmers. In a way it's similar to the Netherlands: people are not very interested, it's still a very abstract discourse.'

Arctic landscape

The Loss of Glaciers in China has been Overestimated

The Third Pole

Chinese scientists, with new data from satellites, have found that glaciers on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau are melting slower than expected.

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