climate change


Taiwanese Companies Commit to 100% Renewables, Despite a Dirty Grid

Nate Maynard

The first of what might eventually be a flood of Taiwanese companies have committed to sourcing 100 percent of their energy from renewable sources.


Face Your Fear: Here's What a 1.5 C Warmer World Really Looks Like

Nate Maynard

In the best case scenario we will lose corals and the Arctic even if we transition at an abrupt and societally transformative pace.


China, Russia and the Lure of a 'Polar Silk Road'

China Brief

China sees currently chimeric Arctic shipping as one solution to its energy import problems.


OPINION: Climate Change to Test Small Island Alliances

The Interpreter

China is courting nations such as the Maldives and Vanuatu using infrastructure funds aimed at combating the effects of sea level rises.


5 Tips to Help Save the Planet on Earth Day and Every Day

Nate Maynard

There is no easy fix for global warming, but there are everyday ways you can make a difference.


China Is Ensnared in an Energy Security Dilemma

China's faces hard ethical questions regarding its energy policies.


Nomadic Lifestyles Erode as Xinjiang Grows Warmer

Li You

Pastoralists' tradition of winter migration threatened by lack of snowfall and a resettlement policy.

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