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Was the Freak ‘Medicane’ Storm That Devastated Libya a Glimpse of North Africa’s Future?

The Conversation

Storm Daniel, a rare medicane, caused devastating floods and claimed thousands of lives in Libya. Stalagmites in caves in northeastern Libya provide clues to past wetter periods in the region, challenging our understanding of climate change patterns.


Migration, Evidence, and Climate Change in the Pacific

East Asia Forum

While there are early signs that climate change is influencing mobility decisions, the evidence consistently shows that people from low-lying islands want to stay in their homelands.

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Climate Change Threatens China’s Rice Bowl

East Asia Forum

Facing increasing threats from climate change, China needs to strike the right balance between boosting domestic grain production and water security.


China, Janet Yellen and Diplomacy, Step-By-Step

Deutsche Welle

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plays the role of facilitator in rebuilding U.S.-China relations, demonstrated by her efforts in bridging dialogues on climate change and debt relief for poorer countries.


New Global Climate Assessment Aims to Gauge Progress

Voice of America

At last year’s Bonn Climate Conference, technical experts began to assess the findings, a process meant to be finalized over this year’s 10-day gathering. The consideration of the findings will begin immediately following the conference and will be translated into recommendations for further action meant to be finalized in Dubai later this year.


Why 40°C Is Bearable in a Desert but Lethal in the Tropics

The Conversation

Being deprived of shade exposes the body to heat from direct sunlight, while higher humidity means that the rate of evaporation from our skin will decrease. It’s this humidity that meant the recent heatwave in south-east Asia was so dangerous, as it’s already an extremely humid part of the world.


Taiwan’s Climate Tipping Point Film Festival, an Inspiring Call For Urgent Action

Naomi Goddard

Originally launched in 2013 under the name Nuclear Film Festival, the biannual event has been renamed to reflect its broader focus on global heating and the need for systemic change to mitigate its effects.


Can the US and China Cooperate on Climate?

The Interpreter

Deals, denials, and grand bargains on the road to the COP26 climate change conference.


Taiwan’s Climate Change Action on Trial for the First Time

Bryan Chou

Taiwan’s economic ministry has been sued for a new regulation that could cause the country to fall behind the world on climate action.


The Hottest Summer on Record Threatens Stability of Life


World Meteorological Organization recorded the hottest June and July ever.

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