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SHOW @ TAIWAN – Capture the Beauty of Taiwan in Video

What comes to mind when you think of Taiwan? Despite three years of COVID-19 having changed our expectations towards life and travel, the diversity of tourism in Taiwan remains. The Tourism Bureau welcomes international travelers to come and experience the new post-pandemic Taiwan and has produced six themed innovative videos based on the core concept of SHOW @ TAIWAN to capture the audience’s ima

陸客_中客_台北101_Taiwan China Charm

Will the Increase in Maximum of Chinese Tourists to Taiwan Affect Quality of Domestic Tourism? Legislator Says No


On November 30, the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) announced the new tourism policy at congress. Legislators questioned the Minster of Transportation and Communications, Chen Jian-Yu, that the ministry promised to regulate the total number of Chinese tourists, but recently it declared to adjust the maximum number of these tourists per day, which may have a major impact on the domestic tourism industry.

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