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花蓮最美縣道添新亮點 馬賽克拼貼藝術牆

“We Are Not Puppies, We Are Who We Are:” A Voice From the Indigenous Taiwanese Diaspora

Taiwan Insight

“People would only know that you are good at singing and dancing as an Indigenous person, and they are barely interested in who you really are.”


Taiwan's Indigenous to Xi: Taiwan Is Not China, Xi Does Not 'Understand Dignity'

Nick Aspinwall

In an open letter to Xi Jinping, Taiwan's indigenous call on China to respect the self-determination of the island and its indigenous population.


Study Flags Complexity of Suicide Risk Among Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples

Greg Brost

Indigenous people's must be considered as urbanites seek relief from the pressures of the city in Taiwan's green spaces.


Proposed Mining Act Amendment Sidesteps Environmental Laws, Indigenous Rights

Brian Hioe

If passed as expected, the DPP will have to defend the Mining Act to a skeptical public.


Cash Grants are Failing Taiwan's Indigenous People

Agathe Lemaitre

The more 'useful' Taiwan's indigenous people become to the government, the more their culture has become endangered.


The Forgotten Story of Indigenous Resistance in Northern Philippines

'The story of Butbut tribe and the peoples of Cordillera provides us a picture of why resistance and solidarity, albeit rarely presented in mainstream media reports, remain relevant these days.'


Police Disrupt Indigenous Protest near Taiwan's Presidential Office

ZiQing Low

Protestors have been moved to 'clear the road' more than two months into a sit-in by indigenous groups.

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