Fukushima nuclear disaster


Taiwan’s Climate Tipping Point Film Festival, an Inspiring Call For Urgent Action

Naomi Goddard

Originally launched in 2013 under the name Nuclear Film Festival, the biannual event has been renamed to reflect its broader focus on global heating and the need for systemic change to mitigate its effects.


Anger in Tokyo Over the Summer Olympics Is Just the Latest Example of How Unpopular Hosting the Games Has Become

The Conversation

Tokyo’s predicament is only the latest and most extreme example of the way host cities of international events tend to lose interest by the time they happen.


Japan Marks a Decade Since Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Deutsche Welle

Environmental groups say the crippled nuclear plant’s decommissioning effort is hopeless. Some local people fear it is not safe to return to communities that were beneath the radioactive plume.


OPINION: KMT Fukushima Food Ban Drives a Wedge Between Taiwan & Japan

New Bloom

If the food ban referendum was a strategic maneuver by the KMT, it seems to be working as intended.


Political Debate Goes Nuclear After Referendum Keeps Reactors Running

New Bloom

Taiwan voted to reverse a plan to phase out nuclear power by 2025, but nobody knows what comes next.


The Cost of Cleaning Up Fukushima

The Japan Times

Tepco should pay for the decommissioning of its reactors, compensation for the victims, and cleanup of the contaminated areas.


Review the Failure of Japan's Monju Project

The Japan Times

The Japanese government should conduct a thorough examination of why the Monju project ended in failure and hold open discussion on whether the nuclear fuel cycle is still a feasible option for the country.


Japan Plans to Stop Asistance For Fukushima’s Voluntary Evacuees

The Japan Times

'As of July, some 89,000 Fukushima people continued to live away from their homes.'


Voters Send Anti-Nuclear Message in Japan

The Japan Times

Niigata's gubernatorial election result on Sunday shows the public is still wary of restarting idled nuclear power plants.

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