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Pedagogy or Profiteering? Chinese Students in Australia’s Higher Education Sector

Jacinta Keast

Criticisms from both Chinese and local university students in Australia raised questions in Australia's overreliance on international students.


International Students Will Get To Extend Their Stay In Taiwan After Graduation


In order to attract more foreign talents to boost Taiwan's productivity and competitiveness, the Ministry of the Interior will give international and overseas Chinese students a year after graduating to stay and find a job in Taiwan.

大學生_Chinese students running on campus

Survey Shows Many Chinese Students in Taiwan Don't Think Taiwan Has A Democratic System


Among the foreign students surveyed, most consider staying in Taiwan for future plans and a large number agree they enjoy freedom of speech here. Yet less than half of the Chinese students surveyed think there is a democratic system in Taiwan.

醫院_護士_看病_China - Jiangsu - Nanjing - Medical Care - A Nurse Draws Blood From a Patient

Minister of Education says National Health Insurance should be Provided for Mainland Chinese Students

Shih Yuan

The Minister of Education Wu Se-hwa says from an education point of view, all students coming from outside of Taiwan should be treated the same. Health insurance is provided for overseas Chinese students and foreign students in Taiwan, but not for those from Mainland China, which has led to some disputes on campus.

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