transitional justice


Indigenous Occupation Dismantled by Taipei Police on Its 699th Day

New Bloom

Indigenous protesters have vowed to continue their occupation after police dismantled their encampment on Jan. 22.


OPINION: Time for Tsai to Use Her Momentum to Renew Taiwanese Identity

New Bloom

Now is the time for Tsai Ing-wen to leave her mark by driving a renewal of Taiwanese identity.


OPINION: There Can Be No Transitional Justice Without Truth of Those Involved

TNL Staff

Two researchers appraise transitional justice through the lens of China’s Tiananmen Square Massacre and Taiwan’s 228 Incident.


Study Flags Complexity of Suicide Risk Among Taiwan's Indigenous Peoples

Greg Brost

Indigenous people's must be considered as urbanites seek relief from the pressures of the city in Taiwan's green spaces.

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