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Taiwan's Uniform Regulations Loosened Again, Students Not Rejoicing

Olivia Yang

Students say the government needs to tackle a few problems before the amendments can be effective.

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High School Students Rush to Major in Science-Related Subjects in Fear of Unemployment


Some students that suggest that high school students shouldn’t have to take compulsory auxiliary courses during winter and summer vacations. But an official from the Education Administration quotes a principal and says that laziness is human nature. If compulsory courses during winter and summer vacations are canceled, do the students have the ability to plan out their time?

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Legislators Call on Including High School Students as Official School Council Members


Legislator Xu Zhi-jie high school students have nowhere for their voices to be heard, so they can only demonstrate to express their opinions. He believes Ma's 12-year Compulsory Education policy should start from democratic education on campus.

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