Taiwan elections


Taiwan 2020 Election Countdown

TNL Staff

Bringing you live election results on January 11, 2020 at 4:30PM Taipei Standard Time.


Democracy or Dictatorship? The Taiwanese Opinion Trends Nobody's Talking About

Asia Dialogue

Surveys show Taiwanese voters increasingly support dictatorship while rejecting democracy and independence.


OPINION: Why the DPP Lost Taiwan's Local Elections

Roy Ngerng

President Tsai Ing-wen should summon up the courage to be the progressive Taiwan's young voters put into power in 2016, or risk the collapse of the DPP's reform project.


Young, Taiwanese and Political: Youth Politics in 2018

TNL Staff

There are signs that the wave of energy among young voters and politicians captured by the Sunflower Movement is starting tom break through into a new kind of politics.


ANALYSIS: Mayoral Races to Watch as KMT Eyes National Return

Apart from Kaohsiung, Taipei, New Taipei and Taichung are the contests to watch for signs of KMT life.


ANALYSIS: Political Power Structures Shift Ahead of Taiwan' Local Elections

Taiwan Insight

The stage is set for the election to be a vote of confidence on the Democratic Progressive Party's record in office.

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