Taiwan democracy


Lee Teng-hui's Complicated Legacy Spans a Century of Taiwanese History

Brian Hioe

Like the history of Taiwan, Lee Teng-hui's life went through several political and ideological twists and turns. But the only thing that remained consistent was his advocacy of Taiwanese sovereignty.


OPINION: Why 2018 Was a Good Year for Taiwan's Democracy

East Asia Forum

'Despite increasing diplomatic pressure from the CCP, long-term trends remain in favor of Taiwan maintaining its de facto independence.'


Democracy or Dictatorship? The Taiwanese Opinion Trends Nobody's Talking About

Asia Dialogue

Surveys show Taiwanese voters increasingly support dictatorship while rejecting democracy and independence.


FEATURE: A New Generation is Reinvigorating Taiwan Activism in the U.S.

Olivia Yang

‘What couldn’t be said in Taiwan, we said it here [in the U.S.]; what couldn’t be done in Taiwan, we did it here.’


Sunflower Movement Activists Found Not Guilty. What Next?

Brian Hioe

Leaders of the 2014 Sunflower Movement were today found not guilty for occupying Taiwan's Parliment. Other cases involving incidents during the movement have not yet been heard, and demands still haven't been met.

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