What’s Next for China’s Economy?

Voice of America

China’s economy shrunk from April to June compared to the first three months of the year.


As China’s  Gig Economy Booms, Concerns Grow Over Worker Protections

Voice of America

A Chinese food delivery worker set himself on fire to protest unpaid wages. With spotlight on their working conditions, China's gig workers are unlikely to get the legal aid to defend their rights.


China Launches Anti-Monopoly Probe Into Alibaba

Deutsche Welle

The probe comes just after an IPO into Ant Group, an Alibaba subsidiary, was halted by Beijing. China said it was cracking down on companies that it could consider monopolies.

Covid-19 Is Accelerating China’s Economic Self-Reliance

Covid-19 Is Accelerating China’s Economic Self-Reliance

East Asia Forum

Reliance on domestic consumption is just one of the shifts accelerated by the coronavirus and the increasing rivalry with the United States.


For China, the Belt and Road May Serve Critical Domestic Needs

Policy Forum

The world is focusing on impacts for Belt and Road contact countries, but what's in it for China?


The End of the Jack Ma Era Marks a Changing China

The Interpreter

The end of Jack Ma's tenure as Alibaba's chairman reflects a need for a different kind of leadership in the Xi Jinping era.


The Truth Behind China's World Football Ambitions

Policy Forum

Is China already a soccer superpower? Lucrative corporate partnerships have more than picked up the slack for its 75th ranked men's national team.


Forget Belt and Road, China's Economic Future Is All About Silicon Valley

AsiaGlobal Online

China's growth depends on new technologies not redirecting industrial overcapacity to western deserts.


China's 'New Retail' Breathes New Life into Physical Stores

The Conversation

China is streets ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to integrating online and offline retail.

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