US-Taiwan relations


OPINION: Time for Trump to Start a New Chapter of US-Taiwan Relations

Kent Wang

The Trump administration's disregard for the rules-based world order doesn't mesh with its stated Indo-Pacific strategy. Here's how to fix that to the benefit of Taiwan.


Looking Back at 40 Years of US-Taiwan Ties Under the Taiwan Relations Act

Taiwan Insight

The Taiwan Relations Act has provided for stability in US-Taiwan relations while allowing for enough ambiguity to keep Beijing at bay.


How Taiwan Can Survive the Next Phase of the US-China Rivalry

Taiwan Insight

As the African proverb goes: 'When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled.'


OPINION: Should Tsai Address US Congress? Let's Ask the People of Taiwan

Milo Hsieh

The brunt of any consequences, positive or negative, to Tsai addressing US Congress would be felt by the people of Taiwan.

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