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The Problem of Taiwan’s Lost-Contact Migrant Workers’ ‘Illicit Enjoyment’

Taiwan Insight

Financially strained, migrant workers in Taiwan can turn to cheap drugs and alcohol after a day of backbreaking work.


Not Enough is Known about China's Modern Drug Use

Pan Suiming

The number of drug users in China increased substantially from 2010 to 2015; there is no evidence that this figure will stop growing.


Is Duterte's War on Drugs Migrating to Indonesia?

Phelim Kine

Indonesia is already wrestling with the toxic legacy of impunity for the mass killings of least 500,000 people in 1965–66, when the government gave free rein to soldiers and local militias to kill anyone they considered a “communist.” Unless Jokowi speaks out forcefully against a Duterte drug war model of crime control, he risks being responsible for a mass killing campaign that could demolish Indonesia’s fragile and hard fought-for rights and freedoms.


OPINION: Maladministration in Execution Last Year Exposes Death Penalty Debacle in Indonesia

Andreas Harsono

Indonesia should restore the unofficial moratorium on the death penalty, writes Andreas Harsono.


Hidden in Plain Sight: Taipei has a Glue Sniffing Problem

James Baron

'Most people are completely unaware that this is even an issue. I know this because I have seen flagrant sniffers in the middle of busy thoroughfares, their heads buried in larger carrier bags as oblivious hordes jostled around them.'


Rural China and the Asian Methamphetamine Trade: A Case Study of Lufeng

Zi Yang

Despite the growth of China’s security budget in recent years, the state’s seemingly inability to stamp out the drug business shows us the corrupting effects of the trade on local administrators who protected traffickers for financial gains.


Shining Light on the Pacific’s Dark Networks

Anthea McCarthy-Jones

Pacific Island nations have increasingly become transit hubs for large shipments of illicit drugs. Intelligence-gathering activities targeting entire network functions are required.


Getting Organized on Asia's Rising Drug Trade

Roderic Broadhurst

Cross-border movement of illicit products into and out of Southeast Asia, often via India and China, has intensified in recent years.


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