INDONESIA: Palm Oil Linked to Deforestation Remains on Store Shelves


Global consumer brands like Unilever, Nestlé and PepsiCo continue to buy palm oil from lawless brands which contribute to Indonesian deforestation.


OPINION: Taiwan Must Address Abuse, Illegal Fishing Aboard Its Vessels

Max Schmid

Failure to tackle illegal fishing and human rights abuse in the Taiwanese fleet harms the country’s reputation and jeopardizes millions of dollars in seafood trade.


How Taiwan’s Seafood Sector Can Steer Toward Ethical Labor Standards

Nick Aspinwall

Simple measures can make a world of difference to the lives of thousands of workers aboard Taiwan's deep-sea fishing fleet.


Taiwan Seafood Trader FCF Faces Financial Pressure on Links to Rights Abuses

Nick Aspinwall

The market could force reluctant Taiwanese seafood traders to address concerns over complicity in human rights abuses.


Welcome to Taiwan: Beatings, Bodies Dumped at Sea and a Culture of Maritime Abuse

Nick Aspinwall

Amid the release of a Greenpeace report chronicling cases of physical abuse and financial exploitation of migrant workers in Taiwan’s fishing industry, The News Lens reveals the commonplace practice of dumping bodies of deceased migrant fishermen at sea.

Environmental problem of plastic rubbish pollution in ocean

Will Taiwan’s New Plastic Bag Ban Work?

Dinah Gardner

Taiwanese use more than 700 plastic bags per person per year; recycling is not the answer; much better to use other kinds of long-lasting containers; and special compost areas for biodegradable bags would be a good place to start.

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