The Heart of the Matter in Jakarta

Jeffrey Hutton

The silver lining from Wednesday’s results is that Ahok, an ethnic Chinese, was on the ballot at all, writes Jeffrey Hutton in Jakarta.


[Nonfiction] 'Death by White Chocolate'

Sophie Haas

On white privilege in China.


North or South? What’s Behind China’s Linguistic Rivalry

Matt DeButts

The standardization of Mandarin allows Chinese speakers to move among regional identities — but the feud over pronunciation rages on.


Confronting 'Chinese Privilege' in Singapore

Hydar Saharudin

Can coming face-to-face with a complex issue ensure justice, equality, and racial harmony in the Southeast Asian island state? Hydar Saharudin takes a look.

陸客_中客_chinese tourists

Taiwan Offers Free Flights to Attract Japanese Tourists

Yuan-ling Liang

Taiwan hopes a generous travel subsidy will boost Japanese tourist numbers in the final two months of the year.


Hong Kong Universities are Losing China's Top Students

ZiQing Low

Political instability and sliding university rankings are to blame as China's top students turn away from Hong Kong, a report says.


Why Anti-Chinese Sentiment in Africa Is on the Rise

Richard Aidoo

China’s increasing presence across the African continent has led to social conflict.


[UPDATED] 26 Killed in Bus Crash in Taiwan

Edward White

Three children were among the 26 people killed in a bus crash in Taiwan this afternoon. All but two were Chinese nationals.


Want to Learn a Language While Watching YouTube?

Yuan-ling Liang

A new app developed in Taiwan allows language learners to tap on the characters and words in YouTube video subtitles.

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