Indonesia: Jakarta Enjoys Deep Culinary Connection With China

Deutsche Welle

For centuries, Indonesians and the Chinese have had a long, complicated relationship. But in Jakarta, they mingled and intermarried — and so did their cuisines.


Taiwan Can Reclaim Its Place as a Center of Mandarin Education

Michael Fahey

The decline in American students in China is a unique opportunity for Taiwan to reclaim its place as a center for Chinese language studies and organically deepen relations with its most important ally.


Fast-Fading Memories of Harbin’s Migrant History

Ma Te

A stream of Russian refugees once made the far-flung northeastern city their home, but now only a handful of descendants remain to tell their stories.


(Re)Naming Yourself in Asia and Beyond

Jules Quartly

The millennial obsession with multiple online identities is balanced by the fact that 'real' names still mean something.


Why China's Top College Students Are Failing to Meet English Writing Standards

Ryan Thorpe

A focus on excessively verbose language is failing to prepare test-takers for college-level academic writing.


Are Major Auditors Helping Chinese Firms Get Away with Fraud?

Li Guangshou

Market dominance by the Big Four accounting firms may be helping unscrupulous companies get listed on US stock exchanges.


Will Taiwan Accept Chinese Asylum Seeker?

Edward White

The lack of an asylum law in Taiwan opens up the case of the Chinese activist seeking asylum to administrative discretion. But an American lawyer in Taipei does not expect the man to be deported.


The Rise of the New Chinese Diaspora

John Lee

The high-skilled Chinese diaspora is ideally placed to mediate the two-way flow of funds and information.   


Riot Breaks Out in Paris After Police Kill Chinese Man

TNL Staff

Witnesses say the police used batons and tear gas to break up the group.


Brothers Paid to Translate YouTube Silliness for Chinese Speakers

Keith Menconi

BC and Lowy on bringing English language YouTube silliness to a Chinese speaking audience.

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