Uncertainty Pervades as Macao Adopts National Security Law Amendments

Voice of America

The amendments change the references to the crime of collusion with “foreign political organizations” to simply collusion with "organizations outside Macau” that are seeking to damage national security.


2022 Golden Horse Asian Cinema Observer Report: Part 1

CJ Sheu

Our film critic CJ Sheu was at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival to review nominees for the Asian Cinema Observer Recommendation Prize. Here he gives the first of a two-part survey of the films, including entries from Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, and South Korea.


China Seen Tightening Grip on Macao

Voice of America

Macao has been paired with neighboring Guangdong in a special economic zone, with special tax and other policies aimed at diversifying Macao’s economy away from gambling.


Macau Bans 21 Opposition Candidates From Campaigning for the Legislature

Global Voices

Beijing’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office expressed support for Macau’s decision and stressed that it is necessary to uphold the principle of “patriots governing Macau.”


Groundbreaking Court Decision Expands Transnational Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan

Bryan Chou

A high court in Taipei ruled today a Taiwanese and Macau citizen should be allowed to get married. They will be the first same-sex couple of a Taiwanese and Macau citizen to have their marriage recognized in Taiwan.


HONG KONG: Why China's Greater Bay Masterplan May Not Be So Great

Stuart Heaver

The plan to unite nine Chinese cities with Hong Kong and Macau reads well on paper but innovation is about more than just pie in the sky political programs.

Macau skyline

Macau Reviews Cybersecurity Law with an Eye toward Mass Surveillance

GlobalVoices 全球之聲

Macau is developing a new law that could give unrestrained power to the police.


Macau Elections Suggest Lessons for Hong Kong

Suzanne Pepper

Recent election results from Macau, itself a special administrative region of China like Hong Kong, showed an upswell in support for pro-democracy, anti-establishment candidates.


Hong Kong and Macau: A Tale of Two Ex-Colonial Cities

Suzanne Pepper

Zhang Dejiang's Macau visit serves as a means of explaining to everyone else exactly what is at stake and why Hong Kong has grown increasingly determined to resist Beijing’s idealized assumptions about what 'one country, two systems' is supposed to mean.


Washington, Macau, and the Hong Kong Dilemma

Suzanne Pepper

Hong Kong’s last British governor, Christopher Patten, recently told a Washington, D.C. audience that Hong Kong had not been given what it thought it had been promised by Beijing when Hong Kong was transferred from British to Chinese rule in 1997.

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