“Now I Walk My Own”: Kao Chia-yu’s Path, Part 2

Judy Chen

Kao Chia-yu frames her rise as that of a self-made actor against established forces. The story begins in her college years. This is the second part of a three-part essay on Kao and the world that made her.


Taiwan’s Covid-19 Testing Strategy Divides Public Health Experts

Daphne K. Lee

A canceled press conference on Covid-19 antibody testing is the latest episode dividing Taiwan’s public health experts.


Taiwan's Higher Education Threatened by Low Birthrate, 'China Factor'

Taiwan Insight

An Oxford Economics report estimates that Taiwan will have the world's largest talent deficit by 2021.


Robin, the Taiwanese Chatbot Using AI to Talk to Customers in the Local Lingo

Rosemary Chen

'The reason that chatbots are popular right now is not only due to technical innovation, but even more so due to the social media revolution,' says Professor Lee Hung-yi.

台大_ntu_national taiwan university

Taiwanese Universities Should Ignore Academic Rankings: Hsieh Yu-cheng

Olivia Yang

A Taiwanese columnist says that a university that puts academic competition as its primary focus is 'suicidal.'


Taiwan-US Research Team Announces Major Breakthrough in Cancer Spread


National Taiwan University Hospital's Breast Center Director Huang Jun-sheng says that most of the failed treatments result from the spread of the cancer to vital organs such as the brain, lung and liver. So far there is no possibility for patients suffering from metastasis to survive for a long time.

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