Asia's Philanthropy Problem: Growing Wealth, Stagnant Giving

AsiaGlobal Online

Wealth in Asia is growing rapidly, but philanthropy is lagging behind. Charitable infrastructure remains underdeveloped throughout the continent. Governments and corporations can fix this.


Education Charity in China Struggles to Soar Amid Rural Brain Drain

Lu Hongyong

The Adream Foundation serves 3 million underprivileged students but is hampered by top teaching talent fleeing to cities.


Book Review: Charity Sucks by Iqbal Wahhab

John Picton

Are charities best placed to solve social problems and deliver welfare or might business do it better?


Taiwan Charity Accused of Misusing Public Donations

Hsu Chia-yu

This is not the first time the charity has faced such allegations.


Corruption Crackdown, Charity Law May Dampen Rise of Philanthropy in China

Olivia Yang

China's billionaires are starting to embrace philanthropy, but will the new Charity Law and an anticorruption campaign stand in their way?


Myanmar Ranks First in 2015 Global Giving Index


The report also shows that the Burmese and the Thai people, who have 87% of adult donations, mostly believe in Theravada Buddhism, which has a long tradition of donating to Buddhist monks. Therefore donation is a common practice in their societies. However, the report also draws comparison between the generosity of the Burmese and their persecution against the Rohingya people, a minority Muslim group in Myanmar.

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